Santa says Happy Xmas and move your money

December 25th, 2012 by


Happy Xmas says Santa

Did grief prompt Bob Diamond to write a poem for his Barclays staff?

July 5th, 2012 by

"Those were the days" My Barclays friends!"

Dear friends,

When Bob Diamond left the Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf for the very last time – apparently the entire Barclays workforce became distraught .

This outpouring of collective corporate grief seemingly  prompted Bob-suffering his own grief- to write a poem in their honour;-

“Those were the days my Barclays  friends!”

” I love Barclays so much,

That I have forsaken the only job,

That meant anything to me.


Barclays is about the people,

My friends,

My Barclays friends,

Who day in, and day out,

Do their level best

To serve,

And to help.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

April 6th, 2012 by
Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower struck down by a pick -up truck.


Ian Taplin,the Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower  has pulled out his fountain pen after a two month break,due to a near fatal cycling accident and promises to resume his popular blog.

Mr Taplin,53,of Maidenhead,Berkshire was knocked down by a pick-up truck in late January-and was rushed by ambulance to Accident and Emergency at Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon,Wiltshire.He suffered a broken scapula and extensive bruising to his left shoulder,his left arm and down the side of his body.

Mr Taplin remarks;-

“The doctors at A&E remarked that I was extremely lucky that I did not suffer more extensive injuries given the “full on” violent impact of the pick-up truck.”


Financial Regulators Champions League;Team US-SEC 160 ,Team UK-FSA 0

February 2nd, 2012 by


From the BBBC -the latest Regulators  Champions League results ;-

Team US -SEC *160 .Team UK-FSA 0

This follows last weeks results;-

Team US-SEC $3.92bn .Team UK-FSA 0.

*See Annex A Below for Team US- SEC results

Ian Taplin,BBBC Correspondent and Lloyds Bank Whistleblower reports;-

“What is going on at Team UK-FSA?They are being completely outplayed by Team US-SEC;who themselves have lost key players in the “revolving door transfer window “to Team Goldman Sachs and Team JP Morgan!” (more…)

Lloyds Bank put out a 999 distress call in West London.

November 4th, 2011 by

Lloyds Bank call out police in a 999 distress call in West London.

LloydsTSB staff of a West London Branch rang 999 to call for police assistance to help cope with a “major disturbance”outside the bank.

Yesterday Thursday 3rd of November at 1. 20pm three police officers were promptly dispatched to the Notting Hill Gate branch of LloydsTSB.

When they arrived at the branch they found Mr Taplin, 53, eating an egg mayonnaise sandwich leaning against his bicycle.

Mr Taplin,the Lloyds Bank Whistle-blower explains;-

“One minute I was having my lunch enjoying a delicious egg mayonnaise sandwich and the next minute I’m surrounded by three police officers.


The story of how a Lloyds Bank lawyer’s intimidating and threatening letter is destroyed by a cat.

October 19th, 2011 by

Mister Ethical Mistoffelees who destroyed the nasty letter from the Lloyds Bank Lawyer.



The story of a how Lloyds Bank’s lawyer’s intimidating and threatening letter is destroyed by a cat”

Ian Taplin ,the Lloyds Bank Whistle-blower received a letter from a Lloyds Bank  Corporate lawyer on Monday 17th October 2011- which contained intimidating language and threats of legal action .

Mr Taplin,53,resident near Windsor, England describes how when he opened the letter he felt the cold sweat of corporate bullying and intimidation descend upon him.

“ My hands were shaking and I suddenly felt faint.I went to my lounge chair to sit down and I accidently sat on the neighbourhead cat-now known as “Mister Ethical Mistoffelees.”

“Mr Ethical Mistoffelees was not amused and sloped off in a huff. I never saw him for the  rest of the day.This was  on Monday”

But yesterday on Tuesday morning he came back and wrapped his tail around my leg  as if to say;-

“I forgive you for sitting on me during my cat  nap.”

He then jumped up onto my desk and knocked over my coffee cup and spilt the contents of my coffee cup all over the Lloyds Bank Corporate Lawyer’s nasty letter.


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Ian Taplin

Ian Taplin, 53 ,a British Citizen- is Whistle Blowing on UKs largest Bank, Lloyds Bank .

Ian Taplin worked at Lloyds Bank from 2005-2010 and was then unlawfully fired for insisting his Complaints alleging dishonest actions by Senior Directors were properly dealt with.

He believes he has substantial and robust evidence of fraud and corruption -being tolerated by Senior Directors of Lloyds Bank.

These Senior Directors obstructed Ian Taplins Formal Complaints and then proceeded to intimidate and bully Mr Taplin who refused to withdraw his Complaints.

Ian Taplin will be submitting Formal Complaints to the UK Regulator and the UK House of Commons in 2012. He plans to lawfully publish these Formal Complaints on this site.

He has been fully supported by Theresa May MP, the Home Secretary and Senior Government Minister.

Ian Taplin is the Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower. Check out his background on; He can be contacted at