FCA tell Theresa May MP -Lloyds Bank are being investigated for new mis-selling scandal to it’s poorer customers.

June 20th, 2013 by

The Financial Conduct Authority have written to the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP confirming that Lloyds Bank are being investigated by the regulator on whistle blowing allegations of a new widespread mis-selling to LTSB customers.

On April 30 2013, the Home Secretary, received a letter from the FCA Director of Supervision, Clive Adamson, whom confirmed that Lloyds were subject to FCA probes into LTSB mis-selling to poorer UK customers ;and were focusing on investigating Lloyds selling  practices .Clive Adamson confirms Lloyds were being scrutinised on whistle blowing claims for  “mis-sold products to customers based upon wealth and income”

On June 14, 2013, the FCA Company Secretary , Simon Pearce, wrote directly to Ian Taplin  confirming Lloyds Bank were subject to “enquiries ” concerning his whistle blowing allegations of a new widespread mis-selling .

Ian Taplin is an active   Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower and alleges up to 1 million UK citizens were mis-sold life insurance products.

One of his main concerns  relate to the way poorer and more vulnerable  LTSB customers were treated when compared with the Bank’s more wealthy customers ;and, for example, were seemingly being denied the same access to cheaper life insurance products -which were being  offered to the richer clients.

“Essentially I took issue with LTSB, as to why poorer customers were being sold life insurance products, which could be up to  40% more expensive than the same products  being offered the richer customers”

“LTSB were seemingly penalising their customers  for being poorer.

“Life insurance costs and premiums are set by health age and gender criteria and not on the fact you are poorer or richer.

“In some cases the poorer LTSB customers  were apparently paying over £10,000 more than richer customers for asking for the exact same advice within the same regulated bank”

“Many of these life insurance products were sold with LTSB mortgages and were underwritten for up to 25 years.

“So we are talking about substantial financial commitments being made by LTSB poorer customers for a lengthy time period.

“I have shared evidence with the FCA that Lloyds seemingly breached UK regulatory law which is based upon the Principles of treating customers  fairly, in a transparent manner,and in the customers’ best interest.


“Also  it seems that Lloyds were discriminating against their  customers for their lack of wealth which contravenes Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights” which enables British citizens the right to have a private and family life, free from any discrimnation”


“There are several other related complaints to my whistle blowing actions which are concerned with apparent alarming distortions in the way LTSB seemingly treated poorer customers when compared with their more wealthy customers.

“The Life insurance LTSB mis-selling claim  is just one example of many such apparent distortions.”

Ian Taplin,a former Army officer ,worked at Lloyds Private Bank and Wealth Division from 2005 to 2010 and was fired for insisting his whistle blowing concerns were dealt with.

He claims he has refused 3 offers of a financial settlement which invariably contain gagging clauses.

A Lloyds Senior Director wrote to Ian Taplin in November 2010 confirming that such offers were  made for “commercial” considerations.

He estimates that Lloyds may be facing a new liability of up to £5bn.

He claims that Lloyds may have to face mis-selling claims which could result in an average pay out of £5,000 – to as many as 1 million LTSB customers.

“We have shared evidence  with the FCA that LTSB seemingly abused the trust of it’s poorer and more vulnerable customers on a massive and nationwide scale for years – possibly for as long as 10 years.-from 2000-2010 and maybe longer.

“The present and former Lloyds Senior Leaderships  were made aware -formally and in writing – of my whistle blowing claims ,but have refused to act.”

Ian Taplin is also a Founding Member of Whistle Blowers UK -whistleblowersuk.org -the influential network which offers mutual support for whistle blowers.

Written as honest comment.

2012 ;the Year of the Bent Banks

December 21st, 2012 by

Merry Xmas

2012; the year of the Bent Banks.

Compiled and researched by Ben Walsh; Reuters.


Additions by Ian Taplin;Whistle Blowers UK.


21 12 2012.

Bank of America:

the US Justice Department is seeking $1 billion in fines for troubled loans sold to Fannie and Freddie; MBIA’s lawsuit against Countrywide, which was disastrously acquired by BofA, rolls on; BofA is one of five banks participating in the $25 billion national mortgage settlement. (Price to book: 0.56, here and throughout via Yahoo Finance)

Bank of China:

the families of Israeli students killed in a 2008 terrorist attack are suing the BOC for $1 billion “intentionally and recklessly” handling money for terrorist groups.

Bank of New York Mellon:

a subsidiary paid $210 million to settle claims it advised clients to invest in Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme; the DOJ continues to investigate possible overcharges for currency trades that it says generated $1.5 billion in revenue. (Price to book: 0.86)


$450 million settlement in the Libor scandal; also fined by the FSA for mis-sold interest rate hedges. (Price to book: 0.72)


Roll up Parliament and pack it away; no longer needed.

December 16th, 2012 by

Roll up Parliament and pack it away.

Let me introduce you to Nikki Turner whom I have invited to write as a guest contributor and fellow founder of Whistle Blowers UK.


Nikki’s letter was posted on Ian Fraser’s Blog site.Ian is one of our best journalists on matters of banking fraud.


Here is Nikki’s letter.

Dear Mr Cameron: Please explain why bankers are now considered above the law

December 15th, 2012

An open letter to David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, from Mrs N Turner

Dear Mr Cameron,

I and many other people were stunned by the quotes from Mr Andrew Bailey, the chief executive-designate of the Prudential Regulation Authority, which were reported in the Daily Telegraph yesterday (December 14th, 2012).

Mr Bailey seems to have confirmed that, irrespective of their criminal actions, banks are not only “too big to fail”; they are also “too big to prosecute”. In an interview with the Telegraph, Mr Bailey said that prosecuting banks and by implication their executive and non-executive directors,

“would be a very destabilising issue. It’s another version of too important to fail. Because of the confidence issue with banks, a major criminal indictment, which we haven’t seen and I’m not saying we are going to see… this is not an ordinary criminal indictment.”

Mr Cameron, unless I am completely mistaken, Mr Bailey seems to be telling us that banks, and therefore bankers, are now officially considered to be above the law in this country and that, in the interests of confidence in the banking industry (which is already at rock bottom among the British public, and therefore can hardly sink any lower), they cannot be prosecuted.

I am writing to ask you, as Prime Minister, for some clarification.


FSA ask back the Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower -a second time -to tell all .

September 7th, 2012 by

The Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower

The Financial Services Authority-the FSA-have asked to see the Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower,Ian Taplin,for a second time in 2 months;which is an indication of how seriously the regulators regard the Whistle Blowers allegations of serious misconduct at senior levels-within Lloyds Bank.

Ian Taplin, 54,a Private Banking Adviser was dismissed from LTSB Wealth and Private Bank in 2010 for gross misconduct-for insisting his Complaints of misconduct were taken seriously;and for persisting in his escalation of his complaints to senior levels.

The manner in which I,as a British citizen-an employee and genuine Whistle Blowing -was treated by a British Company -right here in the UK -is alarming.Lloyds Bank acted as if our laws were non-existent.

Ian  Taplin accuses Lloyds Bank of ignoring UK  legislation-which is meant to protect whistle blowers; he explains ;-

“The manner in which Lloyds deal  with an employee whom is Whistle Blowing and supposedly protected by UK Law -is frightening and deeply worrying. (more…)

Alice in Blunderland

June 8th, 2012 by

And still the looting goes on

Dear Friends

I have selected an article  from the Financial Times, which you can read below,  because it shows that nothing has changed .

The Financial Times  has scrutinised the senior level pay of 13 global banks.

This article paints an alarming picture that the banking leaderships are effectively trashing their own shareholders and looting  their own banks

These banks are still underwritten by you -the taxpayers and the citizens.These banks are still pregnant with dangerous risks and they are still too big too fail.

Alarmist? Scaremongering ?

No ;this is real ;check it out now.


The reading list of an ungagged whistle blower.

May 25th, 2012 by

Commentary of the fightback of the Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower.

Ian Taplin,the Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower is alive and well and ungagged.The brave man is recovering well from his impact with an agricultural metal vehicle which broke his scapula bone and bent his Galaxy.

The Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower in such a recovery,,was therefore enabled to enjoy the gift of time,space and peace awarded to him from an unknown and unlikely benefactor-otherwise known as the “Wiltshire agricultural blind man”.; who drove his pick up truck into the Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower’s Galaxy-without permission.

Luckily Ian Taplin has now acquired a new Galaxy and is testing it out with promising results.

Mr Taplin ,53,thus in recovery and in a place of a gift of time space and peace-then set about reading and thus acquiring more knowledge about how to solve the problems of the world,and Lloyds Bank apparent corruption- from his house on the outskirts of Maidenhead. (more…)

Lloyds Bank ethics,the Guardian newspaper,and the Whistle Blower.

December 27th, 2011 by

Are Senior Bankers exempt from legal scrutiny?

A version of this edited letter has been Posted on the comments page of the UK paper the Guardian.The letter was written in response to an article published in the Guardian,by Joris Luyendijk.

Joris Luyendijk’s article,published 27 December 2011 is headed;-



The Guardian is a world respected quality UK paper who lead on important social justice issues.

This is my edited posted comment;-

Dear Joris,

A good article and timely too.

However you will be interested to know there is a Whistle Blower who worked for Lloyds Private Bank and Wealth Division, who has a website dedicated to relating his experiences whilst working at Lloyds,2005-2010.

This whistle blower is me,and should you want further information- then please contact me.


Merry Xmas the Select Lloyds Bank Directors !

December 22nd, 2011 by
Monkey Business at Lloyds Bank?


Merry Xmas to the Select Lloyds Bank Directors!

Make the most of the merriment whilst you can –because in 2012 the Select Lloyds Bank Directors could well be investigated by a more confident regulator concerning your decisions and actions.

Such decisions and actions relate to your blatant intimidation,bullying and obstruction of a UK citizen who worked for you and tried to report what he believes are examples fraud,corruption and widespread mis-selling being tolerated by you-the Select Directors of Lloyds Bank.

You know who you are! Each and every one of you-the Select Directors of LloydsBank- have failed to adhere to UK law embedded in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000;each and every one of you have failed to uphold your own Codes of Conduct .

Each and every one of you have failed to fulfill your own legal and professional obligations which you are required to do so under UK Regulatory Law and to uphold the Financial Services Authority Principles.


True Christians would let the London Protestors sleep inside St Paul’s Cathedral.

October 24th, 2011 by
We didn’t start the fire.


“True Christians would let London Protestors sleep inside St Paul’s Cathedral”

An ode to St Paul and all True Christians.

By Ian Taplin

True Christians would have invited all the camping protestors to sleep overnight,every night, in the warmth of St Paul’s Cathedral.

True Christians would realise that these protestors are fighting for the very values Jesus and St Paul preached upon.

True Christians would invite the protestors, into their Church and let them share their concerns and tell their story.


Message to Britain ,the London Protestors and the world;- “Help me with just 15,000 more hits.”

October 22nd, 2011 by

Ian Taplin, the Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower makes a promise to help London’s St Paul’s  Protestors in their campaign for real and effective change in the regulation of Britain’s Banks.

“Calling Britain,the London Protestors,the Wall Street Protestors,calling Rome, Madrid, Berlin- calling the world!”

“Help with just 15,000 more hits to reach 100,000 hits and I will officially begin my campaign;-

The  Public Interest Defence v Lloyds Bank,its Board and its unethical behaviour”.


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Ian Taplin

Ian Taplin, 53 ,a British Citizen- is Whistle Blowing on UKs largest Bank, Lloyds Bank .

Ian Taplin worked at Lloyds Bank from 2005-2010 and was then unlawfully fired for insisting his Complaints alleging dishonest actions by Senior Directors were properly dealt with.

He believes he has substantial and robust evidence of fraud and corruption -being tolerated by Senior Directors of Lloyds Bank.

These Senior Directors obstructed Ian Taplins Formal Complaints and then proceeded to intimidate and bully Mr Taplin who refused to withdraw his Complaints.

Ian Taplin will be submitting Formal Complaints to the UK Regulator and the UK House of Commons in 2012. He plans to lawfully publish these Formal Complaints on this site.

He has been fully supported by Theresa May MP, the Home Secretary and Senior Government Minister.

Ian Taplin is the Lloyds Bank Whistle Blower. Check out his background on;

http://www.dontbankonlloydsethics.com/about/ He can be contacted at iantaplin@hotmail.co.uk