Did grief prompt Bob Diamond to write a poem for his Barclays staff?

July 5th, 2012 by

"Those were the days" My Barclays friends!"

Dear friends,

When Bob Diamond left the Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf for the very last time – apparently the entire Barclays workforce became distraught .

This outpouring of collective corporate grief seemingly  prompted Bob-suffering his own grief- to write a poem in their honour;-

“Those were the days my Barclays  friends!”

” I love Barclays so much,

That I have forsaken the only job,

That meant anything to me.


Barclays is about the people,

My friends,

My Barclays friends,

Who day in, and day out,

Do their level best

To serve,

And to help.


Yes my Barclays Friends

We serve ourselves,

We help ourselves,

Don’t we just!

My total is $120 million.


I am going to miss you,

My Barclays friends

So much.


Remember the great scams

We enjoyed ?

Ah yes! Those were the days!

My Barclays Friends.


Mis-selling bonds,

Tax evasions,

Hiding nasty toxic assets

Off the Balance Sheets,

Misleading shareholders,

Misleading Parliament,

PPI scams,

Duping  small businesses,

Libor fiddling.


Yes! Those were the days!

Those were the days,

My Barclays friends!”


Written as Comment in the Light Relief Column.



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